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Getting Ahead

This 19- week Getting Ahead in a Just Getting- By World program will help you find the tools you need to manage your life better and set goals for the future. It's not easy, but it works because you are in charge.


This is agenda free- no one tells you what to do. You are seen as a problem solver whose voice is needed.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy classes, provided by MC Federal Credit Union. The six sessions focus on basic economic empowerment skills and financial knowledge.


Getting Ahead with Nutrition

Graduates caring for children may choose to attend Getting Ahead with Nutrition. In the six sessions, focus is on helping families gain knowledge and skills in making decisions about diet, physical activity, food safety, and developing a healthy life style.

Staying Ahead

During a "kitchen table " discussion, community experts provide a deeper exploration of 11 critical resources. Staying Ahead offers Getting Ahead graduates additional resources to stay steady, focused and moving toward a lifetime of success. Graduates can stay involved in the program for as long as they desire.


Getting Ahead in the Workplace

In 15 – 1 hour facilitated sessions, Getting Ahead in the Workplace helps under-resourced employees build resources and gain control over their future stories, for a better life at home and at work.


Interested? We can bring this program to your workplace! Participation is capped at 12 per group.

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